“Born, bred and formally educated in Africa, I have directly engaged with policy development processes globally, building capacity and strategy, and enabling the implementation of strategies as it relates to Internet governance and the digital economy”.

From making a case for the role and inclusion of youth globally who are primarily at the forefront of the digital ecosystem, to helping governments shape the policy and regulatory environment as it relates to the role of intermediaries, content creation & sharing, data privacy and cybersecurity, my work requires intense interdisciplinarity.I am a key opinion former and connector in the area of Digital Public Policy in Africa and beyond with extensive cross sectoral networks and know how on the digital economy in Africa – and in reverse how those with interest on the continent can and should position themselves to sustainably grow the Digital economy.


Over the years, I have authored and co-authored academic journal articles, presented papers and thought leadership ensure the technology and information policy being considered on the continent does not force a false tradeoff between welfare goals and innovation, between rights and cultural relevance, between local innovation and rigid opposition to ‘foreign’ values – for the individuals/end users.

Recently, I have also started to examine the exercise of liberal norms like privacy (specifically ‘personally identifiable’ or ‘non-personally identifiable’ or ‘indirectly identifiable’), autonomy and free speech. These through the lens of ‘socio-cultural privacy’ – the idea that privacy constructs are designed around and defined by specific exercises of power over socio-cultural discourse.

So, in the last 12 months my ‘why-how-what’ think brain nodes have been pondering on what, if any, connections there are between the privacy values ‘preached’ in the global North, and the implications it bears for the socio-cultural characteristics cherished in the South which then presents significant constraints in the digital policy making environment in the global South.


Thought Leadership

My primary interest and area of engagement lie in policy – the space that interrogates the application of digital technologies in the global South, specifically the African continent. Navigating the tension between what good such technology might produce in institutionally weak, economically floundering and the cultural narrative…


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