Inspire. Inform. Involve. Impact.
These four simple but ‘complexly’ connected words are key principles underpinning how I live my life. An unconventional connector – with an innate ability to link what more often than not is boxed as disparate. My super power is to learning from yesterday to anticipate and prepare today so it can be the best tomorrow, ever.

I am a Public Policy thought leader on the digital economy focused on shaping an enabling environment needed for innovation. I have spent the last two decades – globally – advising and delivering on laws and policies connecting the public, civil and private sector. My expertise is discerning which, where, and how public policies are used to harness digital opportunities while mediating emerging tensions, building allies and addressing gaps.

Previously I led the cluster for a global tech giant, focused on regional and international policy & institutions, Civil society & Academia engagements; and drove the work of the team on Data governance (Privacy, Identity & data protection etc), access, AI and digital governance.

I have served as a Berkman Klein Fellow from 2018 – 2020 ( Faculty of Law, Harvard University); an advisory member at GoodID, for the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the Digital Economy and with the WEF’s strategy and advisory team on Digital Identity. I seat on the board of nonprofits like the Yemi Shyllon Museum of Arts, Junior Achievement, Afrilearn amongst others.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Law specializing in Privacy and Cybersecurity (Osgoode Law School, York University) and a Masters in Public Policy & Development Management (Uni. of Witwatersrand).

I am a Mama to 3 (2 XXs, 1 XY), and wifey to 1 (XY).
www.titiakinsanmi.com   @titiakinsanmi